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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our professional early childhood educators understand how important it is for your children to feel safe, supported, and valued, and we cultivate an environment that helps young children build confidence and feel great about themselves.

In our nurturing environment, children will benefit from age-appropriate and theme-based curriculum that have been carefully designed based on proven and accepted research. While our goal is to help your children to grow and develop from an academic standpoint, we also strive to promote social development through our programs.


Each child will be stimulated and encouraged to explore the world around them, and we are focused on making education fun through play-based learning activities. Awakening curiosity in a fun, positive way can promote a lifelong love of learning that your children can continue to benefit from.
Our teachers strive to help each child develop from both an academic and social standpoint. Early socialization skills can benefit a child for a lifetime, and we promote socialization through various structured social activities, like providing age-appropriate circle time activities in each classroom as well as various learning and educational centers. These give children the opportunity to be in both small and large social groups, to learn to get along with their peers, develop great friendships, and more.

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Our daycare and preschool services are available year-round. We offer educational programs for children from ages 6-months to 12-years, and our early childhood education programs are a stepping stone that can prepare children for elementary school and our after-school/summer camp programs as they get older.

On a daily basis, your child will participate in each of the focus areas through circle time activities and explore designated locations in the classroom known as centers. Socialization is encouraged throughout the daily activities as an integral part of the preschool program.

We believe that mental health is fostered by physical well-being. This is why nutritious and well-balanced meals approved by the USDA are a part of our core program, which allows us to contribute to your child's healthy physical and mental development. Having had the privilege of serving our community for more than 20 years, we believe in a child's right to receive high-quality child care and a high-quality education at an early age without economic contingency.

The best way to learn more about our day care service and early learning center is to visit our school in person. You can tour each room and get a better feel for the relaxed, supportive environment we work hard to create. You can also learn about our age-appropriate curriculum and speak with the teachers who may be assigned to your child's classroom.


Health Safety & Security

We also are committed to helping children's physical development, and we take different approaches to accomplish this goal.

A healthy, balanced diet is important for physical health and can have an impact on social and academic development as well. Because of this, we provide children with well-balanced meals and snacks at scheduled times each day.


The menu has been created with guidance from the USDA. We also offer ample outdoor free playtime to encourage kids to have free time with their friends while also being active and getting exercise.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten
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